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********************************************* HANFORD CONSTRUCTION CAMP Hanford Construction Camp Above picture scanned by Gary Behymer (64) The following information sheet on "Boom Days" at Hanford was picked off a Hanford barracks wall some years back by Artie McDaniels, Kennewick: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~ Number of employees quartered in barracks: 40,000 ~ Number of barracks moved from Hanford by truck-trailer & from Pasco Naval Air Base by trailer and river barge to house workers: more than 150 Picture scanned by John Northover (59) ~ Number of employees quartered in trailer camps: 8,000 Picture (above) scanned by Gary Behymer (64) Click here to see MORE Pictures of the World's Largest Trailer Park ~ $3,500,000 worth of meal tickets in 8 months through payroll dedections. ~ Meal tickets sold for cash not included in above. Mess Hall #7 Meal ticket scanned by Burt Pierard (59) Mess Hall #2 Meal tickets cost $12.60 // squares around the edge: $.10, $.50, and $.60 If the meal cost $.70 then "60" and "10" squares were punched. Scanned by Burt Pierard (class of '59) ~ 1,000,000 meal ticket cards on file. ~ Four million lunch boxes sold from July, 1943, to October, 1944. ~ Eight mess halls, 2,700 in each hall at each setting is the capacity, usually 3 settings. Picture from "The Long Road to Self Government" (page 6) compiled by Paul Beardsley. ~ 272,000 pounds of processed meat, ready for oven or grill used in one week. ~ 3,000 pounds of sausage used for one breakfast. ~ 2,500 pounds of pot roast for one meal. ~ 18,000 pork chops for one meal for one mess hall. ~ 11,000 pounds of swiss steak for one meal for all mess halls. ~ 250,000 pounds of meat used for all mess halls for one week. ~ 15 tons of potatoes for one mess hall each day. ~ 5,000 heads of lettuce for each meal for one mess hall. ~ 1,200 pounds of onions for one meal for one mess hall. ~ 900 full pies for one meal for one mess hall. ~ 1,000 pounds of coffee for one day for one mess hall. ~ 30,000 doughnuts for one day. ~ 2,200 loaves of bread used each day for sandwiches, not counting bread on tables. ~ Sandwich machine makes 360 sandwiches an hour. Three machines in operation. Cutting up chickens at HCC ~ 10,000 newspapers sold each day by recreation halls. ~ 16,000 packages of cigaretts sold each day. ~ 12,000 gallons of beer consumed each week (13 carloads). Men's Activity Hut ~ 2,000 keys for barracks lost each month by employees. ~ Menus are prepared 60 days in advance. ~ The only time fried eggs can be served is Sunday morning because meals are served over a longer period of time. NOTE: I noted that they could only serve fried eggs on Sunday morning. Not so, I would fry cases of eggs EVERY morning and serve them at my steam table and there must have been another six or eight tables doing the same thing. In fact, I got so proficient at cracking eggs, I could lay four on the grill at once, two in each hand..... Jerry Oakley (RHS class of '51) ~ 6,500 eggs are used for Sunday breakfast. ~ 700 cases of Coca Cola a day 600 gallons of ice cream a day. ~ It would take 250 good cows to supply the milk for one breakfast. ~ 1,785,000 sheets washed. If these were tied together they would reach from Hanford to New York City. ~ Automatic doughnut machine makes 18,000 per hour. ~ 12,000 turkeys for Thanksgiving (22 tons of turkey -- 12 tons of ham) Thanksgiving Preparation ~ thanksgiving Dinner ~ Hanford is the largest voting precinct in the U.S. Election Night at Hanford Construction Camp ~ Hanford has the largest general delivery post office in the world. ~ Over 30 months, Hanford workers built 554 buildings, 386 miles of road, 158 miles of railroad, three massive plutonium extraction plants and the world's first three production-scale nuclear reactors.