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1943-1944 Richland High School

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1943-44 RHS Faculty
Picture from 1944 Columbian

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BACK ROW: Mr. Fred Lehman, Eastern State College, Washington State College (WSC): Physical Education, Coaching, History, Civics. Mr. Cleve Henriques, Walla Walla College; Spanish, Mechanical Drawing, Shop, Manual Training.

MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Margaret Grahm, Oklahoma U., Colorado State College; Math, Science, Senior Advisor. Dr. Goldie Merrill, University of Washington (UW), Columbia U., WSC; Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping, Girls' Advisor. Mrs. Williamson, Georgia Southwestern, Georgia Teachers College, U. of Georgia; Home Economics, History, Freshman Advisor. Mrs. Lois Dighton, Oregon State College; Latin, English, Math, Junior Advisor.

FRONT ROW: Mrs. Charlotte Ryno, UW; English, Speech. Miss Crenshaw, UW; English, Library, Annual Advisor. Miss Evangeline Just, WSC. UW, University of Idaho, University of Oregon; Glee Club, Band, General Science, English. Mr. T.A. Trowbridge, WSC, UW; Math, Principal.

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1943-44RHS STAFF